Showcase ST

New generation Showcase have an original and modern design and have all the technology needed to make a donation.

Thanks to proprietary algorithm inserted in the software, it allows the user who made the donation to randomly win the prize contained in the upper box case.

The Showcase is equipped with plug and play hardware and software, to connect it to the current and the system starts up, connecting to the 3 / 4G network and starting the POS terminal, contained in it.

The technology used also allows remote monitoring of the activities and the possibility to modify the donation parameters and the winning number, the latter, before the start of the activity, allowing the system to load the new parameters, once switched on and anywhere is placed.

The technology allows remote monitoring of activities such as the number of donations made and winners. Moreover, the POS terminals used allow, through a dedicated portal, to export the report of the transactions carried out.
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Showcase Charity


Monitor Touch HD 15″

PC Os Linux – operating 24/7

Remote control software

Charity software with Settings and UI modification remotely.

Industrial router with GPS system and remote monitoring

Pos Terminal:

Payter P66: Contactless

Payter P68: Contactless, CHIP, Magnetic stripe


Height: 150 cm

Width: 69 cm

Depth: 68 cm

Weight: 40 kg


Os Linux

Customizable Charity software and remotely updatable donation settings (UI, visuals, donation amount, number of winners, currency, …)

POS P66 Contactless or P68 Contactless terminal, CHIP and magnetic stripe.

The system also allows remote monitoring of the POS terminal and related daily donation reports

On client’s request is possible to include an iPad mini with proprietary app in order to manage the showcase settings remotely. The rental cost of iPad is not included.