Charging Tower

The Charging Towers are a useful products and loved by customers, which are spreading more and more at national and international level.
The Charging Tower differs from those currently on the market in terms of design and cost.
Competitive Mind has created an innovative and elegant design, characterized by sinuous lines that communicate lightness, while maintaining a structural rigidity typical of heavier elements, managing to contain costs.
Internal engineering features state-of-the-art hardware, an advanced operating system and a fingerprint recognition system for access to a recharging compartment.
Furthermore, exclusively for administrator, to increase the level of security, the software have an extra security code (8 numbers PIN) for emergency.

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Charging Tower


Monitor Touch HD 15″

PC OS Enterprise LINUX

Fingerprint reader HD

Numeric metal keypad

Smart Open hardware for recharging compartments

Charging connections: Lightning, USB C, Mini USB, Micro USB


Height: 160 cm

Width: 90 cm

Depth: 85 cm

Weight: 88 kg


OS Linux

User fingerprint reading at he beginning of the registration, insertion of an additional PIN 4 Digit security code and SMART OPEN opening of the recharging box.

When closed by the user, the charging box becomes inaccessible.

Fingerprint recognition system and / or user PIN code allows the opening of the box and the withdrawal of the device.


Billboard Charity


Monitor Touch HD 55″

PC Microsoft Os – operating 24/7

Remote control software

Charity software with Settings and UI modification remotely.

Industrial router with GPS system and remote monitoring

Pos Terminal:

Payter P66: Contactless

Payter P68: Contactless, CHIP, Magnetic stripe


Height: 208 cm

Width: 92 cm

Depth: 13 cm

Weigth: 92 kg


Os Microsoft

Customizable Charity software and remotely updatable donation settings.

POS P66 Contactless or P68 Contactless terminal, CHIP and magnetic stripe.

The system also allows remote monitoring of the POS terminal and related daily donation reports