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Intent Declaration
The concepts of social, sustainable development and attention to the environment are increasingly present both for consumers and for companies and organizations, and will represent principles of reliability, style, and sound business management.

In the event organization sector, greater attention is also required to social and environmental aspects, with a view to sustainability and reducing waste and consumption. Competitive Mind intends to organize events through a path of sustainable management of environmental, social and economic resources, and to highlight them in order to obtain consensus, awareness and participation of stakeholders. It also intends to internally apply and disseminate the principles of inclusiveness, integrity and transparency among customers and stakeholders using a management approach.

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Environmental Sustainability
Competitive Mind gives great importance to the environmental aspects related to the organization of an event. The main factors that are considered concern the reduction of polluting emissions and the protection of the existing environment.
Other elements on which it will be necessary to pay the utmost attention will be the following:
  • it effective organization of transport (of materials and participants) and the reduction of energy consumption, which allow a reduction in CO2 emissions and other gaseous pollutants that increase the greenhouse effect and air pollution;
  • the choice of partners and suppliers who prefer the use of recyclable and natural / biodegradable raw materials and who demonstrate that they pay attention to organizational choices aimed at reducing consumption and waste;
  • the appropriate disposal of all types of waste produced by municipal companies or authorized companies;
  • the correct disposal of waste water from kitchens and toilets;
  • an appropriate use of the land and land on which the event will take place;
  • a sparing use of noise sources at excessive levels and sources of laser rays, bodies or light beams that can be harmful to humans and ecosystems (in addition to the energy consumption associated with their use);
  • with a view to transparency and sharing, the results obtained, also in the form of CO2 emissions, will be explained in the form of an overall report for the individual event.
Social Sustainability
The event is "social" by definition: it involves the meeting of people with the aim of sharing an experience.
For the realization of a sustainable event, social aspects must also be taken into account, such as the consideration of the needs and expectations of all stakeholders:
  • attention to accessibility for the disabled;
  • the promotion of local products and producers, fair trade brands, thus raising the awareness of the participants on the origin of the products;
  • the choice of suppliers that operate in compliance with national regulations, including on the subject of health and safety at work.
The event therefore translates into a moment of dissemination of education for sustainable development.
Economic Sustainability
Competitive Mind aims to implement, through the application of a management system according to the ISO 20121 standard, an approach based on strategic choices that make it possible to find coherent solutions capable of reducing costs, while always favoring environmental and social aspects.
We will try to orient organizational choices, depending on the individual event, towards products and technologies with a lower environmental impact and methods of work organization that allow a reduction in consumption from the earliest stages, on the model of a "Lean" approach that allows therefore also a reduction in production costs.
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ISO 20121:2013 Certificate
Read also our Quality Policy, for more information.
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