Wacko’s Tour

For Wacko’s promotion and brand repositioning, San Carlo had BCUBE and Competitive Mind professional competences for internal & external furniture design, logistic supply, on-site staff, tour definition and organization (even certifications and authorizations).

During the tour, Wacko’s reached the target in the italian beachs, from Jesolo to Gallipoli and returning to nord in Finale Ligure at the end of 10 legs.

The “Wako’s Village” was made up of gazebo with internal branded furniture and an inflatable room with Wako’s logo on it where staff collected leads from target which would do a 360° customized GIF in it to share on social networks.

Competitive Mind were also dealt to design and build a dedicated Wako’s tables with in smartphone charge system (Android and iOS).


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San Carlo Wacko's

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