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Showcase Charity

The Showcase Charity 1st. generation is made up of a structure in mdf and an upper case in 5mm plexiglass with back light front logo.

The structure is certified for indoor public use.
The Competitive Mind Custom hardware allows continuous operation 24/7, without overheating problems.
The system can be connected to the internet in 4G, WiFi or LAN to always guarantee correct operation.

It will also be possible a complete control and customization of the UI elements like background, images, videos, colors text, number of donation and the ammount.
It’s also possibile to manage the UI with 4 different languages.

This Showcase Charity guarantee the best visibility of your brand and an excellent User Experience to your guests/customers.

See also the new generation of Showcase Charity.

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How does it work

The user decides the amount of the donation by pressing the corresponding button on the touch screen monitor.
The payment is made through a contactless card (or magnetic strip or chip) and the system generates the outcome of the random drawing. In the event of a win, both the message of thanks for the donation and the message communicating the winnings will appear on the screen, at the same time the plexiglass case will open automatically, allowing the user to collect the prize.
Otherwise, the message of thanks for the donation and the indication that he did not win will appear.
After a few seconds the system returns to the initial state allowing you to receive a new donation.
The connection guarantees remote monitoring of the hardware and software system through our proprietary web platform, accessible independently, thanks to the creation of a unique account generated at the time of purchase.

Phisical specifications
Height160 cm
Width50 cm
Depth50 cm
Weight50 kg
Hardware Specifications

MDF Structure.
Monitor 15″ Touch Screen.
Custom Workstation – operation 24/7.
Internal router to manage 4G, WiFi and LAN connection.
Compatible with the following POS terminals:

Software Specifications

Custom hardware base on OS Linux.
Charity Customizable Software.
Remote updatable UI elements and amount of donation by WEB Platform with personal restricted account.
Remote access to donation report.

Custom Requests

On request it is possible to integrate compatibility with any other unattended POS terminal.
It is also possible to customize each element of the User Interface of the integrated Charity App.

Ready for shipping in 10 days after the order
At the time of the order, it's necessary to communicate the POS Terminal model to be installed (if it's different from those currently compatible) and the configuration parameters for the requested Charity.
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