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Charging Station

The Charging Station is built with a metal structure, with 6 drawers with automatic opening to be used for charging your smartphone, a soft alcantara cover with customizable colors is applied to the front of each drawer.
The structure is certified for indoor public use.
The Competitive Mind custom hardware allows continuous operation 24/7, without overheating problems. 
The system ca be connected to the internet in 4G, WiFi or LAN to always guarantee correct operation.

With our Charging Station you will be able to offer one of the most appreciated and requested services by the public, maximizing the visibility of your brand wherever you decide to position it.

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How does it work

The Charging Station safety is guaranteed by a user recognition system, through the fingerprint.
The user selects the drawer, among those indicated by the system as free, associates it with his fingerprint, the drawer will open and allow the user to insert his smartphone and once the drawer is closed, charging will begin in complete safety. At the time of collection, the user selects the drawer previously booked, scans his fingerprint and the drawer will open allowing the smartphone to be collected. Immediately after the withdrawal, the fingerprint will be deleted forever, in full compliance with the GDPR rules in terms of privacy.

The connection guarantees remote monitoring of the hardware and software system through our proprietary web platform, accessible independently, thanks to the creation of a unique account generated at the time of purchase. Access to the web platform gives you the possibilities to control the status of the system, modify the graphics or videos communication on screen and access to the usage report.
It’s also possibile to manage the UI with 4 different languages.

Phisical specifications
Height175 cm
Width41 cm
Depth48 cm
Weight80 kg
Hardware Specifications

Metal Structure.
Monitor 15″ Touch Screen.
Custom Workstation – operation 24/7.
Internal router to manage 4G, WiFi and LAN connection.
n°6 Metal drawers with automatic opening.
High definition fingerprint scanner.

Software Specifications

Custom hardware base on OS Linux.
Charging Customizable Software.
Remote updatable UI elements by Web Platform with personal restricted account.
Remote access to device usage report

Custom Requests

On request it’s possible to customize the color of the structure, and the Alcantara fabric on the front of each drawer.
It is also possible to customize each element of the User Interface of the Charging App

Ready for shipping in 10 days after the order
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