Billboard Charity 1st. Generation

Competitive Mind Billboard Charity 1st generation

The user decides the amount of the donation by pressing the corresponding button on the touch screen monitor.
The payment is made through a contactless card (or magnetic strip or chip).
After donation will appear the thank you message for the donation.
After a few seconds the system returns to the initial state allowing you to receive a new donation.
The connection guarantees remote monitoring of the hardware and software system through our proprietary web platform, accessible independently, thanks to the creation of a unique account generated at the time of purchase.

Custom Request

On request it is possible to integrate compatibility with any other unattended POS terminal.
It is also possible to customize each element of the User Interface of the integrated Charity App.

Ready for shipping in 10 days after the order
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Technical info:

Height: 208 cm
Width: 92 cm
Depth: 15 cm
Weight: 95 Kg

Hardware Specifications:

Monitor Touch HD 55″
Custom hardware – operating 24/7
Integrated Router 4G, WiFi and LAN connection
Terminal POS:
• Payter P66 – Contactless
• Payter P68 – Contactless, Chip and Magnetic stripe

Software Specifications:

Custom hardware based on Linux OS
Customizable Charity software and remotely manage the UI.
Remote donation report.

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